Yuri Levrov
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Presumed dead

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  • Artem Levrov (father, deceased)

Yuri Levrov is a man Alex and Sean captured and took into Division for questioning in "Clawback".

Early History

After his father's death, he left school and got a job at the age of 14. Mafia took him in. When he turned 17 Gogol offered him a job as a bodyguard. He worked for them for five years, meaning he is 22.

Season Two

He was brought into Division. Alex recognized him as the son of Artem Levrov, who was her father's bodyguard. According to Alex she and him grew up together. Alex questioned him. She told him about how Nikita saved her, and he told her what happened to him after his father's death. Amanda later told Alex that Yuri has been canceled so he is presumed dead.


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