Melinda Clarke, otherwise known as Amanda, from Nikita, spoke to about her vision for the second season of Nikita. She says of Season 2: "Division will be a slightly different playing field," Clarke previews. "There is no active recruitment going on. Amanda is really trying to bring Division back to basics and eliminate all threats."

Clarke also discusses her character, saying that Amanda is not a villain in her eyes: "She really believes in Division, in what it can do for the country. All of her actions are with the best interest of the nation in mind."

She even shared what she'd personally like to see on Nikita: "A look into Amanda and Percy's past. These characters are veterans at what they do. They have to make hard decisions, such as electrocutions, and they completely believe it's for the good of the country. It would make for fascinating TV to get an idea of how they arrived at this place."

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