Are you a Nikita fan who rooted for Michael and Nikita to get together from the very beginning? In one of the sexiest and most satisfying hook-ups in recent TV history, Mikita became a force to be reckoned with when they teamed up together to take down Division and more recently, Alex in Season 1.

Despite driving into the sunset at the end of the freshman season, all will not be smooth sailing for "Mikita," in or out of the bedroom. The sexy Swedish actress, Helena Mattsson, has been cast for Season 2 as Cassandra, a "sophisticated political figure" with past "personal" ties to Michael! She'll come across our hot rogue couple when they rescue her from Division. What tangled webs...

What do you think, Mikita fans? Are you Mikita all the way or are you ready for some kinks? You tell us in the comments!

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