Nikita came back to our TVs last night with the premiere of "3.0", and, ohhh man, it was exciting!!

Spoilers Here


There was a lot of scene setting and character reintroduction, but then the new stuff started. Team Nikita was at the start of their first mission under the new regime, which meant that Ryan was still trying to assert his authority, and Nikita was reluctant to take orders-A.K.A a LOT of tension in the room!

"3.0" featured Alcatraz star Jeffrey Pierce as rogue agent Martin, who was using his Division expertise to knock off covert CIA operatives in Hong Kong and collect a hefty paycheck for his efforts. Add in Michael being captured by the cops and the stakes got much higher!

Also, THE ENGAGEMENT RING!!! We were so excited to see Michael propose to Nikita, and it was also something we weren't really expecting! Shane West had a memorable moment when he fought his way through an army of cops, while handcuffed, to retrieve Nikita's engagement ring, and it was kind of sweet!

Spoilers Over

So what did you think of the season premiere? Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments about what you hated, loved, or found interesting below!!

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