Get excited, Nikita fans, because Season Three is premiering on October 19, which is not too far from now!! If you can't stand the wait, check out the preview to get an idea of what's coming in this season!

Nikita - New Division Preview01:14

Nikita - New Division Preview


SUPER EXCITING AND ACTION PACKED!!! Now, what do you think will happen with Nikita Mears and the rest of the gang? At the end of Season Two, Percy was finally deposed by Nikita and CIA analyst Ryan Fletcher had been tasked with running Division in his place!

Here is what we are expecting to see this season, but definitely leave your own thoughts in the comments below:

  • Nikita and Michael getting all up close and personal again. a lot. Can't wait!
  • Cutesy family times with Michael's kids and Nikita? Probably won't happen, but we would love it...
  • We've seen Nikita's beginning, but how about the beginning of Michael in Division?
  • Sean Pierce and Alex Udinov romance
  • Confusion + Owen Elliot + Amanda + Ari Tasarov (he’ll be wherever Amanda is, no doubt) + revenge = consequences?
  • An appearance from "The Dirty Thirty" at the same time as Amanda and Ari?
  • More butt kicking from Nikita. Lots and lots of action!

What predictions do you have for Season 3? Share with us!

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