Trevor Adrian's house

Trevor Adrian's house is located somewhere near Binghamton, New York.

Season Four

In "Canceled" Trevor Adrian told Amanda that he will call the three remaining members of The Invisible Hand in his house to a meeting. Nikita and Alex waited for them to arrive and enter the house. They took the bodyguards down and tied all of the remaining members. Nikita gave one of them nanotoxin. After she wanted to do the same to Trevor he told her that the list of doubles is in his drawer. Alex tried to stop Nikita from sending the list to the press. Meanwhile the Marines arrived in front of the house. The Marines entered the house after Nikita killed all of the members and they arrested her, Alex and Birkhoff.




Trevor's houses

  • Trevor has seven houses. Six known to the world: Greenwich, Miami, Aspen, Madrid and Santiago, and one, secret, in Binghamton.

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