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Mr. Adrian was one of the eight main members of The Invisible Hand.

Early life

Trevor Adrian was born in Greenwich, Connecticut.[1] He inherited Adrian Industrials.

Season Four

He was first seen in one of The Invisible Hand's compounds (perhaps his home or a country club) speaking to Amanda after he played Tennis. He was questioning her competence since her actions lead Mr. Jones to shut down MDK and turn himself in just to create the illusion that Nikita won. Amanda reassured him that she will program the doubles to be loyal to their cause. He decided to spare her, for the time being. Though unknown to him, Amanda was making plans to take over The Invisible Hand.

He later on was displeased with her performance, stating she was "as useful to him as she was to Mr. Jones" when she inadvertently revealed to Nikita via a dying Ryan Fletcher that she was alive and their organization was still around. Amanda tries to reassure him that Nikita wouldn't try to get retribution because she's now 'part of the system.' But he has his doubts.

After Nikita made an attack on various members and capturing them, Mr. Jones included, he called the remaining main members of The Group to discuss both how to deal with the threat Nikita represents and Amanda's future. It was hinted that the Group was going to vote Amanda out. However, before the meeting went underway, Nikita and Alex broke into their compound and held them hostage. Nikita wanted the list to the remaining 54 doubles around the world, or she would start killing the members one by one. She used some kind of poison that M.D.K., a corporation that was owned by Mr. Jones until Nikita brought him in, designed to seemingly kill one of their members, but it was proved later on to be a ruse. 

Trevor then caved and gave Nikita the list. But in the mists of the disagreement between Nikita and her people as well as a fight between her and Alex, Trevor picked up a gun that was hidden and fired at Nikita, however, Nikita loaded a gun and fired at Trevor and the other members. The rounds were non-lethal. They were brought to a prison where they would all spend the rest of their lives, along with Amanda, for their crimes against humanity.


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