The Cryptograph

The Cryptograph, also known as the master key, is an electronic device able to access any computer system including Division's.

It was created by The Engineer who also created the black boxes.

According to Birkhoff, because of the device's power, it was stored offsite Division for safe keeping with only Percy, the Engineer, and Owen Elliott knowing its location.

In Consequences

Amanda using Anne kidnaps Owen to obtain the location of the cyrptograph. She then uses the cryptograph to infiltrate Division's computer system to deliever a message. The device was recovered from Amanda after a raid lead by Nikita, Alex, Michael and Owen. It appears, however, that Amanda obtaining the device is part of a much bigger scheme surrounding Owen.

After the events of Consequences the Cryptograph was taken to Division HQ.

In The Sword's Edge

Birkhoff uses the the cryptograph to breach the White House computer systems as part of the mission to keep Alexi Markov from killing the President.

After using it, Ryan brings the device to the President stating that Division had recovered it and to consider it a token of their value to the country. President Spencer then orders the device to be taken to the NSA.

Cryptograph 2

Cryptograph Schematics

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