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Stephen is a Division Field Agent. Michael trained him as a recruit back in Division.

Season One

In "Coup de Grâce" he was the leader of the team who were supposed to kill the prince of Georgia.

Percy later tasked him with leading a team to steal the plutonium from a former Korean general. Stephen lost his entire team in the firefight against Alex and sean but managed to shoot Sean and take the plutonium. Percy later congratulated him with his victory and gave him a team to ambush Nikita and Fletcher who would meet Kendrick. The ambush failed and Stephen and two agents followed Michael into the subways. Michael managed to kill the both agents but run out of ammo. Stephen was out of ammo as well and the two fought hand to hand. During the fight Michael tried to convince him to stop however Stephen kept fighting him and Michael broke his neck.


Stephen was loyal to Percy and believed he was helping his country. He disliked his former teacher Michael as he had left Division and betrayed him. 


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