Saalim Nassar
Saalim Nassar
Biographical information
Portrayed by

Peter Marek

First Appeared

"With Fire"


Killed by Amanda

Saalim Nassar was a terrorist.

In "With Fire", Amanda is shown talking to someone named Saalim. He isn't happy that Amanda let Ari escape and asks her why she is helping him.She responds that she has a cause which will be fulfilled if she helps him. She says that Ari is no longer a threat since she had frozen all of his bank accounts and adds that they are now hers.

Amanda reveals that Saalim is a terrorist and plans an attack on the U.S. His main target would be innocent Americans since his own daughter was killed by an American and he wants them to feel the pain that he did when he lost her.

Saalim was later killed by Amanda during a live broadcast seen from Division Operations.

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