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An unnamed man who impersonated Ronald Peller .

Season Four

Faking to be Ronald Peller he worked for the NSA as the Chief strategy officer of the Cyber Crime Unit and kept up a routine identical to Ronald.  In "Set-Up" Team Nikita decided to kidnap him. As he opened his mailbox he got electrocuted. Nikita came at him with a tasser but he disarmed her and punched her groin. After a short fight he managed to overpower her, however Birkoff came to her aid and he ended up subdued and restrained. He was unaware who Birkhoff was as he got taken away. During the interrogation he was in contact with Amanda through his glasses. Amanda made the real Ronald help him with the the questions to convince Nikita he is the real Ronald Peller. Answering all the questions correctly Nikita decided that he is the real Ronald Peller. Actually it was all an elaborate plan to make Amanda think that Nikita is wrong. Once Amanda discovered that Lionel is Ronald's son, she executed a fail safe: Ordering Double to blew his cover and attack Birkhoff. Double engaged Birhoff in combat and was able to subdue him. As he was about to kill Birkoff Nikita shot him in the back, killing him.


The double was a highly skilled undercover operative. Being able to exactly replicate the behaviour and routine of Ronald Peller. 

Double was greatly proficient in hand to hand combat. Even when electrocuted he was still able to disarm Nikita and stun her with a punch to the groin. When Nikita attempted to punch him he instantly trapped her in a chokehold. 

During his fight against Birkoff he was able to pul of the slide from his gun. He then managed to overcome him. In both of his fights he used a punch to the groin to stun his adversaries. 



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