Richard Elison
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  • Deceased by Nikita
  • Division

Richard Ellison was a Division agent.

Season Two

In "343 Walnut Lane" he was found by Nikita after finding the plant in the black box courtesy of Percy. He was posing as a CIA agent that died years ago. Richard tells Nikita that he knows nothing about her father when she interrogates him after Alex warned Birkhoff about Percy's plan, that was initially set to be activated 7 years before however Michael managed to talk sense into Nikita back when she was a new recruit. 

Ellison worked with Division and has been staking out since the mission was first insert. He was surprised to have it reactivated 7 years later, just as surprised as Nikita, he says. He died at the hands of Nikita, she shot him after Birkhoff bombed their safehouse.


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