This article is about the hand made by The Shop. You may be looking for the Robotic Hand created by Birkhoff..


Michael's prosthethic hand

The Posthetic hand is a fully biological implanted prosthesis.  The prosthesis is made from the recipient's own cells.  Even with this being the case, the recipient must still be administered anti-rejection drugs to ensure success of the implant.

Season 3

The prosthetic hand was first mentioned in "Brave New World" when Kosta Beciraj recieves a prosthetic leg after the accident. In "Tipping Point" Michael recieves the hand, from The Shop, to replace the robotic one.  It is orginally seen as act of good will and payment for a Shop requested New Division mission.

In Invisible Hand, it is revealed to be a trojan horse due to the fact that The Invisible Hand had a nanovirus in the hand, which has now spread throughout Michael's body, courtesy of Amanda.

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