Phillip Ramsey
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  • Killed by Patrick Miller
  • Chronos
  • Oversight

Phillip Ramsey was one of the members of Oversight. His codename was Chronos.

Season Two

He went to the meeting in "Fair Trade". When the members were alerted that Nikita is near, he escaped.

In "Sanctuary" he met with Madeline Pierce, Bruce Winnick and David Collins to discuss about Nikita. They have decided that the best option is the "Clean Sweep". Patrick Miller and some other men attacked the members of the Oversight to blackmail Amanda into releasing Percy.

In "Clean Sweep" he told Patrick Miller and Tim that Percy betrayed his country and that he will betray them as well. Tim knocked him down to shut him up.

Later when Nikita held Percy at gunpoint, Percy told Patrick Miller to kill all members of the Oversight except Madeline. Patrick shot him.


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