Throughout Nikita (TV) many individuals have been shown to be loyal to Percy. Most of these individuals were either division or ex- Division.


In season 1 it can be assumed that most if not all of division were loyal to Amanda and Percy. In season 2 most of division was also loyal to Amanda with the exceptions of Roan and Alexandra Udinov. In season 3 many of the Dirty Thirty have been shown as Percy Loyalists, despite the fact that he is dead. This proves the strength of his legacy.


9/11 Loyalists confirmed Dead.

1/11 Loyalists Presumed alive.

1/11 Loyalists Presumed Dead.

  • Wade - Used to be the top trainer of division. Assigned to the field after beating a recruit to death.
  • Ramon - Used to be an international terrorist, he was captured and paralyzed from the waist down, by Nikita and Percy respectively.
  • Valeri Ovechkin - Was a body double for the real Valeri Ovechkin, refused to even communicate with Amanda. (Strangled by Sean)
  • Patrick Miller- Was a Guardian, and one of Percy's most loyal protectors. (Killed by Nikita while protecting Percy)
  • Dana Winters - Was a guardian. Struck a deal with Percy, so that she could retire with her husband and step son.
  • Mason - Was the head of an Alpha Team. Helped Percy regain control of Division.
  • Carla Bennett - One of the founders of division, She hated Amanda and supported Percy. (unintentionally killed by Birkhoff.)
  • Jaden - Was a field agent of division, Percy often expressed his fondness of her and that he " Always knew she had potential."
  • Roan - Was the right hand of percy and never qeustioned his orders before.

Organizations Loyal to Percy

Oversight -

The Shop

Division -

Former Loyalists






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