This article is about a Division's mission. You may be looking for Pale Fire, an episode.

Operation: Pale Fire was a Division mission. The endgame was meant to eliminate the entire Udinov family. The operation took place in 2005.


The Udinov Family, the controllers of Zetrov.


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Eliminate the Udinov family:


As Ryan Fletcher once pointed out, this mission proved to be cataclysmic.

  • It was the final straw that made Nikita go rogue and she would eventually pick up allies along the way.
  • This mission in it's wake lead to the downfalls of Percy, Amanda, Ari, Semak, Division, Oversight, and eventually The Shop.
  • The incidents that Division, Oversight, The Shop, and Gogol were all involved in would all eventually come to light and would become public knowledge.


Divison Team


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