Here at Nikita 2010 Wiki there are some areas of the site that need work. Underneath, you can nominate major or minor projects that need work. Feel free to contribute to these projects, and when they are completed, you can cross them off. Please remember to sign your projects that you nominate on this page.

If you need help please contact the main admin, Alaric Saltzman.

  • Project description goes here. Please thoroughly detail the project that needs to get done.
  • Completed {{completed}} When the project is completed.
  • Help {{help|YOUR USER NAME}} If you need help to complete the project

Major Projects


This section will list every duplicate image and video on this Wiki. (If there are any)


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    • Thank you and merry Christmas
    • Thanks, and Merry Christmas all! <3 ~Will work again after Nikita ended :p

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