Nikita's Loft

Nikita's Loft was Nikita's first home and base of operations after she left Division.


It was here where Nikita would plan her attacks against Division. Only one other person lived there, Alex. She cleaned her system of whatever drugs she was on and later on told Alex what happened to her family. Shortly after Alex agreed to join Nikita on her quest after she found out they were behind her parent's murder, Nikita and Alex trained there for a while until they staged a robbery that put Alex on Division's radar. From there, Nikita would guide Alex on her missions via Shellbox. Unknown to them, Cyrus, a then Division agent found out where she lived, but kept it from Percy and Amanda because like his dead father, she was doing the right thing.

Eventually Michael found the place and later on, Division. Nikita destroyed that place so nothing can be traced back to her and then continued on her quest to end Division, once and for all.

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