The New Division has showed some of the most advanced technology ever shown on Nikita (TV) .


Throughout Season One and Season Two the Kill chip has been explored lightly. However one of the other tech has been explored in detail, or even mentioned until Season Three.

Most of division tech was developed by the Shop, however it was stated by Heidecker, that Percy often twisted the purpose of the tech.


KIll Chip


Division Kill chip.

The kill chip has been mentioned several times. The best way to describe how it Kills, is essentially a Brain aneurism. Which is a cerebrovascular disorder in which weakness in the wall of a cerebral artery or vein causes a localized dilation or ballooning ofthe blood vessel.

After the threat of Nikita became worse, Percy decided to implant a kill chip by every agents cerebral cortex, along with their tracker.

In 2007, Division first tried it on a North Korean official in order to cripple their nuclear program. By 2011, the kill chip is successfully hybridized with their trackers, to prevent any agent from going off the rails. It was later upgraded so it could be implanted as an injection



The B.U.T.R

The B.U.T.R was used by Birkhof as an extra set of eyes during the Episode True Believer. Developed by Birkhof, the B.U. T.R is a silent, effective, mobile camera.

Custom Mask


A custom mask that uses lasers to measure a face, then adapt to fit another's face.

Developed by The Shop, requires a 3 hour laser spectral analysis of the targets face. The Mask can then be adapted to fit someone else's face and make them look like the scanned target using Electric current.

Death Shot


Death shot, used to fake the death of an Asset.

When applied, slows the vitals of the person to the point were a pulse cannot be felt. It can later be counteracted by an Anti toxin.

Robotic Hand

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Robotic hand, created by Birkhoff.

This device (not to be confused with Prosthetic Hand) was created by Birkhoff for Wounded Field Agents, Michael was the first known person to receive and use one. Very strong and incredibly useful, it requires a large amount of focus to use.

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