Michelle Nolden
Michelle Nolden
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Birth date

Michelle Nolden is a Canadian actress. She was born in Brantford,Ontario,Canada, but the date of her birth is unknown. She has appeared in many film and many Tv programs. She has also directed and written her own film called Loonie. She plays Vice President/President Kathleen Spencer and her double on Nikita.

Her role as Kathleen Spencer was not her first foray in the worlds of Nikita as she appeared in two episodes of La Femme Nikita, first as Monique in Line In The Sand and as Monique in Four Light Years Farther.

Filmography & TV

  • 2000 Moon Palace
  • 2001 Century Hotel
  • 2002 Minor Adjustments
  • 2002 Winter Sun
  • 2002 Men with Brooms
  • 2002 Deceived
  • 2002 You Stupid Man
  • 2004 Safe
  • 2004 Show Me
  • 2005 The Perfect Man
  • 2005 Lucid
  • 2007 All Hat
  • 2007 Cursing Hanley
  • 2007 Congratulations Daisy Graham
  • 2009 St. Roz Sharon Gold
  • 2009 The Time Traveler's Wife
  • 2009 Fading
  • 2010 Red
  • 2012 Foxfire
  • 2012 - Present Nikita
  • 2013 Haunted
  • 2013 Carrie

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