Max Ovechkin
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"Looking Glass"

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Cassandra Ovechkin (mother)
Michael Bishop (father)
Hayley Bishop (half-sister, deceased)
Nikita Mears (presumed step-mother)

Max Ovechkin is the biological son of Cassandra Ovechkin and Michael Bishop. He was born sometime after his father contacted his mother to arrange the replacement of President Valeri Ovechkin, her husband, with a Division double.

Season Two

Max's status as Cassandra's son was kept secret, even from the Belarusian media, with Valeri Ovechkin believing Max to be his own. Michael soon learned of Max's existence after Ovechkin's defection from Division.

In "Looking Glass" Cassandra initially planned to take Max far away from Ovechkin but he discovered her travel plans and refused to let her take Max, forcing Cassandra to seek help from Michael and Nikita. But once again, Max nearly ruined that plan when he mentioned to nanny of the "woman" who was going to take him and mother away. Growing suspicious, the nanny locked Max in a closet before fighting against Nikita. But just as Cassandra and her son got into the car, he found a bomb, planted by Sean Pierce, meant for Ovechkin. Nikita managed to get both of them out before the bomb exploded.

Max moved with his mother to London, England, where he narrowly escaped plots of intrigue set against his mother. ("London Calling")

In "Arising", Max was left behind in London as his mother led an MI6 operation against Gogol. But when Cassandra is exposed as a Gogol mole, MI6 dispatches agent to capture Max to use as leverage. Nikita is able to beat MI6 to the punch, literally and figuratively. Max's jaw dropped as he watched Nikita subdue his would-be captors. Max is soon reunited with his mother and forced to go into hiding.


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