Maryam Hasan
Maryam Hasan
Biographical information
Portrayed by

Raven Dauda

First Appeared

"Invisible Hand"



Maryam Hasan is a Sudanese human rights activist and a Nobel Prize winner.


Accoring to Sonya, Maryam was born in Sudan and she "managed to escape" from the country. She has won the Nobel Prize a year earlier.

Season Three

In "Invisible Hand" she talked to the crowd about the human rights and hope. Then she talked to Alex about her past. Soon Smith attacked her and injected a nanotoxin via hidden blade. Nikita hunted him down the alley and managed to kill him. Later before the gathering Alex managed to inject the antidote to her.


She later inspired Alex to become an ambassador herself and to stop the group from trafficing people for their experiments, a job to this day Alex gladly continues after the fall of The Invisible Hand.

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