Liza Abbott
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  • Age 12
  • Alive
  • The Junior Recruit

Liza Abbott is a twelve year old girl who appeared in "Innocence".

Season Three

She was abducted on her way home from school by a former Division trainer known as Wade, who brain washed her and planned to use her as a means of correcting a failed mission conducted by another of his recruits. Wade trained Liza for 2 years, both mentally and physically, to the point that she could easily take down a trained, full grown man while trapped inside Division, became a very accomplished liar (even convincing Nikita she had turned against Wade, although this was partially true) and was overall a very deadly child solider despite her young age.

Despite her brain washing, Liza very much missed and never forgot about her family and life back home, secretly keeping a token of it with her of a hand crafted necklace she and her mother made together hidden inside her bed. This is what finally convinced her she wanted to return to her mother and father and from completing her first kill mission by Wade when Nikita showed it to her and insisted her mother just wanted her to come home. Liza broke down into tears while dropping her gun after this. 

After being saved from the potential life as a hardened assassin by Nikita and Alex, she returns home to her parents and is currently living at home with them, finally returning to her old and normal life.


Trained to be a weapon from a young age, Liza is skilled in deceiving her targets with her youth. Liza was highly trained and is able to easily beat trained agents.


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