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Pedro Pascal

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Deceased, by Owen Elliot

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Liam was one of the Dirty Thirty. He worked with Guillermo Garza. He was a former cleaner of Division. But he went rogue, like the rest of the Dirty Thirty.

Season Three

Liam was called on by Garza to deal with a situation involving three of his men, who were trapped in their safehouse by the Mexican police. Liam went in disguised as a pizza boy, instructing Garza's men to take him hostage. Once inside, he killed everyone inside and "cleaned up" their bodies. He also got on the phone with the police commander, who claimed that agents of the DEA had arrived. Liam suspected they were actually New Division. Liam was forced to escape, leaving Garza's laptop, a ledger containing all his financials, behind. His escape was aided by Michael's lousy shooting.

Liam later met with Garza, who instructed him to get the laptop from the DEA. Liam then killed Garza and his bodyguard before breaking into the DEA building where the laptop was being held. However, he was cornered in the evidence room by Nikita and the only door was electronically locked. He demanded that they open the door but Nikita stalled him by confessing that Michael lost his hand. She was able to maneuver Liam so his back was facing the door so Owen could shoot through it. Liam's body was left for the DEA to find and Ryan Fletcher let out a cover story that that he was a contract killer who got too greedy and that Nikita and Owen were part of an Interpol task force tracking him.