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  • Ania (daughter)
  • Unnamed husband†

Larissa was a hallucination made by Amanda to appear to Alex, who thought that Larissa was real, and she even tried to save her.



Amanda implanting a memory of Larissa to Alex's brain

When Alex was kept as a prisoner of the South Ossetian military, while Amanda worked with them on a trade with Division for Ari Tasarov, Alex was tended and talked to by Larissa, a doctor and a fellow prisoner. Alex learned Larissa's story - she and her husband gave shelter to the injured in the South Ossetian wars that were ongoing, but the Separatists discovered this and that some of them were enemy Georgians. They accused Larissa and her husband of enemy collaboration and, while they kept Larissa herself alive because of her medical training, they lined up her husband against the living room wall and shot him.

Larissa confirmed she knew who Alex is - the famous Russian princess Alexandra Udinov, whose story was everywhere in South Ossetia. Her daughter, Ania, who she mentioned as being with her grandparents, loves stories about the legendary Alexandra Udinov. Later, after a failed escape attempt, and injured Larissa admitted Ania and her grandparents were also dead, killed in the wars.

Alex went back with Sean Pierce to rescue her, but her room was blown up by explosives, killing her.


Her apparent "death" created a rift between Alex and Nikita, the former blaming the latter for not helping, thus leading to Larissa's death. It also influenced Alex to start a mutiny.

Amanda smugly revealed to a captured Nikita that Larissa never actually existed - she was an invention to undermine Division.