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This Kathleen Spencer was a decoy of the Real President who was working for The Invisible Hand.


At the G20 Economic Summit while an illegal auction of the Black Box was taken place, Kathleen was taken prisoner by The Invisible Hand. She was then replaced by a decoy. While Nikita and her people were trying to find a way to defeat Amanda and The Invisible Hand, she posed as the President, doing what was to be expected of her, until she would receive orders from her superiors.

Nikita would arrive in the White House with orders to kill her or else Michael would die from the nanovirus infection that was delivered via his prosthetic hand. When Nikita was told that Michael would be ok, the decoy would pick up Nikita's gun, killing herself, thus framing Nikita for the her death. Shortly after, Nikita was on the run.


  • She is the first known double to be created by The Invisible Hand.

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