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Joshua (real name: Travis Bryerson) is a terrorist and head leader of the Terrorist Group known as The Third Wave. He claims to fight for the oppressed but in reality sought only to line his pockets.


Having worked as a Delta Soldier on multiple secret missions he and his squad decided to create a scheme. Joshua started a Terrorist Group The Third Wave. Using his charisma he managed to form a huge group and make everyone believe they would protect the poor Third World against the West. He would use this group to threaten innocent people while his former comrades formed a security agency to protect officials against this threat. Joshua provides the threat while the agency saves the day.

One of his followers Mia told him she was a undercover operative for Division but was now convinced to his cause. Joshua learned Division was hunting him however he decided to follow his plan. Joshua prepared to make one of his underlings perform a suicide bombing so the agency could save him.

Division tracked him down in one of his bases. Nikita got him at gunpoint but Mia threatened her with a bomb vest and allowed him to escape. He got ambushed by Michael and got in a short scrap in which he used his knife fighting skills to keep Michael at distance. He managed to escape as one of his underlings covered him.

At the stadium where the senator was attending to welcome troops he and his team prepared to strike. Learning Division was present as well he talked to his comrades and they decided to kidnap the senator after which the agency would kill Third Wave to save face. As they went for the senator they got intercepted by Sean and Michael. Faking surrender Joshua went for his knife and attacked Michael. However Michael was prepared for his fighting style and quickly killed him with his own knife. 


Joshua was a skilled soldier and leader. He was particularly skilled in knife fighting using the style of Silat. He had learned this style of fighting while working with SEALS during classified missions.

Joshua was a charismatic leader and was able to win multiple people for his cause who were even willing to kill themselves for his cause. During this he was able to hide his true intentions. 

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