Jonathan Gaines
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  • Killed by Sean

Jonathan Gaines, codename Midas, was the former SEC director and member of Oversight. Gaines is responsible for a series of events around the world performed by Division to increase his own wealth.

Season Two

In "Clawback" in 2011, Ryan Fletcher is able to discover Gaines' "invisible" system from within federal prison and contacted Nikita. Gaines decided to meet with Ryan to determine what he knows, despite Madeline Pierce's objections that he'd be exposing his identity. Determining that Ryan has a special skill set to have perceived his system, Gaines attempted to have him assassinated. But the first attempt failed, as the prison guard he paid off died in the attempt. When Roan took over and killed Ryan, Gaines then had to flee the country. However, Nikita came after him, and attempted to pry the identities of the rest of Oversight. His Division bodyguards, led by Sean Pierce, arrived. Sean told Nikita that Gaines can go to jail for what he's done. Gaines, however, decided to end the standoff by giving into Nikita's demands. When he first named Madeline, Sean shot him several times, killing him.


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