Biographical information
Portrayed by

Duane Murray

First Appeared

"Til Death Do Us Part"


Deceased by Nikita

An unknown man who impersonated John Stirling in the White House.

Season Three

Sector One members saw Nikita in the tunnels. She was captured. Few moments later Stirling told his guys to uncuff Nikita and to leave the room. He gave Nikita the gun to kill the president. Later, after the president's death, two guys took Nikita in the tunnels. He said to hand over Nikita to him. They have refused, so he shot them.

He was about to kill Nikita when Birkhoff interfered in his signal, giving Nikita an opportunity to kill him and to cut loose.


  • His first name was revealed to be "John" in "Wanted".
  • The real John Stirling served under three presidents as the head of Sector One. Those presidents are:
  1. Unknown
  2. Charles Grayson
  3. Kathleen Spencer

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