Janet Malcolm
Portrayed by

Amanda Brugel

First Appeared

Til Death Do Us Part



Physical description

Janet Malcolm is the president's personal assistant/secretary who works in the White House.

Season Three

She is the one who granted a pass to G20 to Nikita in "High-Value Target"

In "Til Death Do Us Part" Nikita found her in a diner in Georgetown. She tried to convince her to let her on the president's schedule, to which she replied that it is impossible on such short notice. Nikita then took her hostage, using her gun.

Later, Nikita forced Janet to phone into work, and to say that she has forgotten to add Susan Mason, Nikita's cover, onto the president's schedule.

Nikita tied her up on a construction site saying that she won't kill her. She will just leave her there and a few hours later the construction workers will find her.

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