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John Billingsley

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Brave New World

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Tipping Point (image)




The Invisible Hand

Heidecker was a member of The Invisible Hand, also known as The Shop.  This organization has access to next-gen technologies. Heidecker primarily acted as a liaison to Division, supplying them with technologies such as kill chips. He also helped the Deputy Minister of Kosovo regrow his leg after a failed CIA assassination and made monthly trips to check on it.

Season Three

In 2013, Nikita seeks out Heidecker in hopes of regrowing Michael's right hand. To do so, she secretly pumps a chemical into the Deputy Minister's leg to make him think that Heidecker tampered with it and summon him back. When she tried to extract Heidecker, they were both captured. Heidecker identified Nikita as Division, given the way she fights. He offered to help her if they could both get out. After successfully escaping with the aid of Division (assassinating the Deputy Minister and pinning it on his bodyguard in the process), Nikita, Michael and Heidecker make for the latter's plane. But upon discovering that Heidecker had children aboard for experimentation, they turned against him and Heidecker was killed when he grabbed his bodyguard's gun.


The Shop boss appeared in his image in "Tipping Point".


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