Guillermo Santos
Biographical information
Portrayed by

Manuel Urrego

First Appeared



Deceased (neck broken by Nikita)


before Pilot

Family members

Leonardo Santos (brother)

Guillermo Santos was one of Nikita's targets before the Pilot. Nikita had a nightmare about him.

He was a very rich man with inclinations to womanizing. He was one of the few men attending huge party behind a villa and the only one in pool with two beautiful women which he sent away without thought upon sight of Nikita.

He ordered her to come to him despite her offer to go to bar with him. After joining him at the pool she revealed that the only reason she wanted him to go to bar with her was better position of his bodyguard. Before he could think about her words she snapped his neck, killed his bodyguard with knife and hit second with chair.

Then she proceeded to exit demanding extraction from Division. Dream ended with Michael refusing to extract her, appearing behind her and shooting her in the head.

Although he appeared in the first episode of the series, his last name was reveled in "High-Value Target. In that episode his brother, Leonardo seeks revenge against Nikita.


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