This article is about an episode in season two. You may be looking for The Guardian, an episode in season one or Guardian, Division rank.
Season 2, Episode 10
Episode 10
Air date December 2, 2011
Written by Albert Kim
Directed by Dwight Little
Fair Trade
Pale Fire

Guardians is the tenth episode of Season Two and thirty-second episode overall.


With Michael out of town, Nikita turns to Owen to help her track down and steal another black box from a Guardian. Unfortunately, she discovers that Owen is working for Gogol and that could jeopardize Nikita's whole operation. Amanda realizes Alex received privileged information about Sergei Semak and that information could only have come from Percy. Furious that Percy undermined her, Amanda strips him of all his amenities. Back home in Russia, Alex finally makes her move on Semak.


Main Cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast



  • Owen talking to Nikita and Michael about the other remaining guardians.
  • Semak calling Ari
  • Young Alexandra
  • Semak and Nikolai Udinov.
  • Alex remembers the flashback.
  • Alex enters the Udinov estate and finds out that her mother is alive.
  • Katya, Alex's mother.

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