Season 2, Episode 9
Fair Trade
Episode 31
Air date November 18, 2011
Written by Carlos Coto
Directed by Nick Copus
London Calling

Fair Trade is the ninth episode of Season Two and thirty-first episode overall.


Nikita steals funds from Oversight, forcing them to host an emergency meeting. Nikita and Birkhoff figure out how to spy on the meeting so Nikita can identify the other members of Oversight, but things go awry and Sean captures Birkhoff. Amanda demands to know where Nikita is hiding but Birkhoff refuses to give up his friend so she tortures him. Meanwhile, Alex sets her plan in motion to reclaim her father's empire. With a price on her head, Alex realizes the easiest way to get into Russia undetected is the same way she was smuggled out - through the illegal sex ring.


Main Cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast



  • Amanda torturing Birkoff inside Division.
  • Alex all dressed up...

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