Edward (aka Alexi Markov)
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Jonathan Goad




Alexi Markov


One of the Dirty Thirty

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Edward (known to the world as Alexi Markov) was one of the New Division's Dirty Thirty. He was arguably the most dangerous of the Dirty Thirty since he became a world leader.


Edward worked as a deep undercover agent in Uzbekistan. Working as a muscle he later was able to work his way up and eventually became president. He received the message to come back to Division and receive immunity, however he became loyal to Amanda and kept in position as President. 

He killed the Division agents in Uzbekistan and prepared to visit America. While there he got assaulted by Nikita in his hotelroom who strapped a bomb to him. Forced to follow their orders he left the hotel and ended up kidnapped and brought to Division. As they prepared to replace him he told them he had made a video in which he confessed to being a undercover agent for Division. If they would kill him the video would become public. He proposed them to let him go and he would leave as soon as he had took a couple of millions as a president. 

The group later founded out that his true motive was to kill the American president during their meeting, he then would show a video with the explanation that it was payback for the death of Percy who saved his life and made him who he was today. 

In the White house he got isolated by two Secret Service agents who were confused as Michael was there looking just like him. He quickly knocked them out and took a gun as he went to the president. Nikita and Michael managed to stop him in time They dragged him away through a secret tunnel while Michael took his place.


Edward was fiercely loyal to Percy. After he died he wanted to avenge him by killing the president. He mentioned Percy was the greatest man he had known and that he got him out of the gutter and turned him into someone who could accomplish anything. 


Edward was a skilled operative. He was able to easily subdue two Secret Service agents and even kill a Division agent with his bare hands. He was also had enough charismatic skill to become a world leader. 

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