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Dina was a field agent at Division during under Amanda's reign.


In the "Doublecross", Nikita and Michael attempt to talk to her, knowing she will be the next target in a series of assassinations targeting Division agents. They meet Dina in a parking structure, where she immediately opens fire on them. Eventually she is taken by Patrick Miller and Roan, and brought to Percy. There Percy makes it look like as if she were captured by Gogol, and unbeknownst to Dina, allows her to escape back to Division. Upon her return, she insists to Amanda that Nikita is responsible, and when Amanda disagrees, Dina complains to Sonya about Amanda and her "obsession" with Alex.

In the "Power", Dina is seen as the agent being sent to obtain a Helium-3 replicator prototype from a lab in Pennsylvania. There, it is implied that she threatened the scientist who put together to prototype and so successfully obtained it from him. After this, the scientist begs her to let him live, promising not to tell anyone, and only wanting to see his family again. With some reluctance or hesitation, she asks him for his wallet in order to make the incident look like a robbery, before shooting him in the back. She is later killed by Amanda, when Dina shows her the Helium-3 replicator successfully stolen.


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