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Season 4, Episode 06
Episode 73
Air date December 27, 2013.
Written by Albert Kim & Carlos Coto
Directed by Eagle Egilsson

Canceled is the sixth episode of Season Four the seventy-third episode overall. It is also a season and series finale.


THE FINAL FIGHT - Frustrated that MDK is still active, Nikita decides to end it her way. Leaving Michael and the team behind, Nikita takes Alex on the road to exact revenge. Nikita and Alex capture Mr. Jones and force him to reveal the names of the rest of the members of MDK. Armed with the information, Nikita goes down a dark path that may ultimately cost her her soul. Michael tracks her down and must get her to surrender before the military opens fire and kills her. However, Nikita isn't one to give up on a fight, leading her to make a shocking decision.


Main CastEdit

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Guest castEdit


  • Sebastian Cordoba as Rough man
  • Samuel Faraci as 9 year old boy



Nikita: "Now Ryan has given us a gift. Freedom. Now we can find our place in the world, wherever that might be. Freedom's a scary thing though. We've got no one to answer to but ourselves. We used to answer to them, the step-child nobody wanted, but the world needed. Now that we're finally free, I get why we fought so hard. The real gift isn't freedom, it's what we get to do with it. I don't know about you, but I could never just sit on a beach anyway."



  • Scan
  • Nikita grabbing Amanda
  • Brikhoff's final stare at Amanda
  • Alex's final stare at Amanda
  • Welcome back to the basement, Helen
  • Nikita...?
  • Nikita!!!

Behind the scenes
  • Lyndsy Fonseca BTS
  • Shane and Melinda BTS (flashback)
  • David S. Lee and Melinda Clarke BTS
  • Maggie BTS
  • Tweets from the cast & crew
  • Devon BTS
  • Script
  • Lyndsey and Devon BTS
  • Maggie BTS
  • "Series wrap on Birkhoff. So long people. It's been real" [1]
  • Birkhoff BTS
  • Empty chairs
  • Maggie thanks the fans
  • Aaron Stanford and Josh Getz BTS
  • Lyndsy
  • David S. Lee
  • The cast



  • Bright Lights by 30 Seconds To Mars


  • The episode title refers to both Nikita's cancellation and to somebody's cancellation (death).
  • The filming started on September 9, 2013. [1] and ended on October 1, 2013. [2]
  • Post finale interviews. [3]
  • Sonya was planned to be in this episode, but the actress who portrays her, Lyndie Greenwood, was unable to due to the scheduling conflicts with Sleepy Hollow.
  • The final episode aired on Aaron Stanford's 37th birthday.
  • Fulfilling the prophecy from the first season of Nikita that "the final word they will breath before the end will be my name" Amanda's final word was "NIKITA!!!"


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