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Anya Vimer was the girl who wanted to buy Kalume Ungara's nerve toxin.

Season One

Not much is known about her. Percy mentioned he had been hunting her for years.  In "Girl's Best Friend" she met Kalume at his party and showed her his secret laboratory under his house. He showed her how he could make the nerve toxin look like diamonds. Kaluma then demonstrated the toxin on Edgar. Anya prepared to kill the party with the nerve toxin. She later noticed Nikita looking for her and the two fought. Anya knocked out Nikita and killed a guard alarmed by the fight after which she re-activated the bomb. As the carbomb alarmed the party and everybody was isolated for safety Anya walked away. As she was about to activate the toxin Nikita attacked her. After a fierce scuffle Nikita managed to toss her down the stairs and knocked her out. It was later revealed she had been captured by the Swiss. 


Anya showed a calm attitude and had no problems killing people. She was willing to kill an entire party with people to kill one person. She kept Kalume in low regard as she smiled when his bodyguard mentioned how women only sleep with him because of money.  Despite her ruthlesness she did not kill Nikita after she was knocked out. 


Anya was able to avoid capture by Division for years.

Anya was a skilled fighter being able to defeat Nikita quickly and knocking her out. She was able to instantly kill a guard by tossing him down a building. She later attempted this move against Nikita in a second fight but did not succeed and got knocked out after being thrown down the stairs. 


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