Anton Zahidov
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  • Alive (in prison)

Anton Zahidov works for Kristina Mukhran.


He was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1968.In 1986. he was drafted into Georgian army, but he was dishonorably charged two year later. In the next three years he was wanted for 15 counts of extortion, racketeering and drug dealing. He became the head of the security in Michedroni in 1992. In 1995. he became a deputy interior minister of the State Council and in 2005. he went to the private sector to be a security consultant. He works for the royal family since 2008. [1]

Season One

He was first seen when Leela Kantaria told him that Nikita wants to see the princess about the necklace. Nikita told her that he is compromised. The princess took Nikita to the monitor room where Anton neutralized her with a tazer.

Later he put Nikita in a box. She broke free and knocked him down. He was probably arrested along with Kristina Mukhran.



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