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Anne was a former Division agent who was loyal to Amanda and was described as a "cold and intimidating, long, tall drink of scary".


Not much is known about her past other than she's a former Division Cleaner who was working for Amanda. She served as Amanda's muscle and enforcer. Her first known mission was to break out Owen from a Russian prison to bait Nikita.

However, she was later killed by Nikita in a failed attempt at killing her and Michael. However, because of Anne's actions, Michael is now an amputee due to a flipped car being on his hand, forcing Nikita to chop off his hand with Anne's dagger. Though sometime later, Michael had acquired a new hand from a mysterious organization, which later proved to be a trojan horse.


Anne is a highly skilled cleaner and operative. Her fighting skills alowed her to easily overpower Owen. She was also skilled in knife fighting and was able to fight Nikita evenly before she got killed.

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Season 3


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