Anna Harcourt
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Anna Harcourt was a girl who had an affair with Senator Jack.

Early Life

She was born on February 14, 1985. in Bethesda, Maryland. She graduated from George Washington University in 2009. and has a bachelor's degree in Baltic-Slavic languages. [1] In early 2010. she dated a guy named Oliver but she broke up with him in May 2010.

Season One

Thom followed Anna to her house. She played with her dog, Yoshi, when Thom entered the house. Nikita arrived too late. Thom had already killed her. Nikita found her dead body on the kitchen floor and a dog next her. Nikita took a dog with her.

It was later revealed that the murder of Anna was ordered by Senator Jack who had an affair with Anna, during which they conceived a child.



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