This article is about the original Amanda Collins. You may be looking for Helen Collins, now known as "Amanda" of Division history..

Amanda Collins
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Amanda Collins was Helen Collins' (aka Amanda of Division history's) twin sister.  Amanda's identity was stolen by Helen ("Amanda") after Helen kills her and their father.


Amanda was born eight minutes ahead her twin sister, Helen, and thus was "Daddy's little princess." Due to the favoritism Amanda was treated very well by her father, unlike Helen who was her father's lab rat and had no records indicating her existence. Amanda was aware of her father's experimentations on Helen, but did nothing for years.

Finally in 1987, Amanda, not able to take the guilt anymore after hearing her sister's screams, rushes downstairs to tell her father to stop hurting Helen. He takes her back upstairs and explains to her about his experimentations. She argues that it's hurting Helen, and he in turn tells her that if he's successful with his experiments, Helen would forget all the pain. He suggests that maybe she would understand his work better if she were to work as his assistant.

After he leaves the house, Amanda goes downstairs to tell Helen that she would find a way for them to escape, but Helen argues against it. Helen tells Amanda to kill her, seeing as it's the only way to end her suffering, but Amanda refuses to do so and acts upon her guilt. Later that same day, she tries to escape with Helen, but they're caught by their father, who orders Helen back to the basement. Amanda tries to stop him from punishing her sister, but he becomes violent and shoves her against a wall. Helen returns with a knife and slits her father's throat, before ruthlessly stabbing him multiple times. Amanda tries to stop her, but ends up being stabbed as well. When Amanda asks her why, she goes into a rage; she's angry that Amanda did nothing, told no one, when she knew for years what was going on. Helen tells Amanda that it could have been her who was in her place and should have been her. Helen then sets the house on fire, stabs her sister again, and leaves with Amanda's identity. 


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